Cold War Sites 
"History never looks like history when you are living through it."
John W. Gardner

Cold War International History Project
Set up at  the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C.,this site holds historical materials from all sides of the Cold War. The Timeline and the llinks for the "Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall" are of partiuclar interest.

Cold War Studies at Harvard University
This site includes links to selected articles from the Journal of Cold War Studies, a History of the KGB, a Soviet History Bibliography and a variety of primary documents.

Making the History of 1989

Focusing on the year 1989, this site contains primary sources and multimedia interviews to demonstrate how scholars produce historical narratives.

The Avalon Project: The Cold War
Sponsored by Yale University, this site is a good place to look for primary documents.

NATO Homepage
The site has FAQs about NATO, speechs from leaders and a valuable search engine that leads to photgraphs, essays, and some primary documents concerning a wide variety of Cold War issues.

World Wide Web - Virtual Library
Timelines and chronological arrangements of primary documents concerning the Cold War make this site expecially useful. There are also biographies, photographs, and general essays.