General Sites for the History Profession

"History repeats itself. Has to. Nobody listens."
Stephen Turner

American Memory
The Historical Collections of the National Digital Library contains more than 7,000,000 digital items. Part of the Library of Congress, this is an excellent source for primary sources on a wide variety of historical topics. The Prints & Photographs Online Catalog makes for easy access to view holdings from 44 collections which include baseball cards, Ansel Adams's photographs of Japanese-Americans interned at Manzanar, WWI posters, Civil War photographs, a variety of graphic arts and more.

History Hub
Maintained by the National Archives abd Records Administration, this site has community forums hosted by NARA staff which focus on genealogy and a number of other specific reserch intersts like American Indians, African Americans, military records and more. The staff and other researchers are there to help answer your questions.

Archival Research Catalog
ARC includes  more than 78,000 digital government resources including photographs, maps, drawings, sound recordings and more. Topics include presidents, African Americans, native Americasn, Japanese Internment Camps, civil rights, the military and others.

The History Net
Current articles of interest and links to journals dealing with US, Military, and British history.

Bedford St. Martins
The publisher's links page provides a database of more than 350 annotated and reviewed links dealing with American history and Western Civilization. The Study Guide for The American Promise can also be found at this site.

Organization of American Historians
Organized by the OAH, this site is a good place to start when looking to see "what's out there."

American Historical Association
The American Historical Association is dedicated to "the promotion of historical studies, the collection and preservation of historical documents and artifacts, and the dissemination of historical research." The AHA's monthly journal, Perspectives, is available online and has articles on teaching history, preventing plagiarism and other commentary.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Links to the resources of the Smithsonian. Interesting sites for American social and cultural history. For short biographies of a host of American athletes, inventors, Native Americans, Founding Fathers etc... look at the Smithsonian's Spotlight Biography

Historical Text Archive
More that 5000 sensibly organized links on a wide variety of topics can be found on this page. There are also hundreds of research papers and reports that are searchable by keyword or subject.

Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School has collected more than 3500 full text documents concerning US legal, economic, political and diplomatic history. This is a very useful site for researchers and is searchable by century, topic or through one of the 64 document collections..

Our Documents
An online repository of primary documents that "reflect our diversity and our unity, our past and our future, and mostly our commitment as a nation to continue to strive to form a more perfect union'".  Beginning with the Lee Resolution of June 7th, 1776,  the site will ultimately  contains 100 primary documents and will include  full-page scans of each document.

Making of America
Cornell University, in conjunction with the University of Michigan,  maintains this "library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. This site provides access to 267 monograph volumes and over 100,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints." The multivolume monograph "The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies" may be of particular interest..

The Best of History
An easy to use gateway to some interesting resources. The Center For Teaching History With Technology has provided over 1000 links to topically arranged web sites  on this page. There are also oral histories, map sources and lesson plans.

History Matters
Another useful gateway site designed for high school and college instructors who teach survey courses. A variety of teaching materials, primary documents and discussions on teaching US history.

Not Even Past
A very interesting site that deals with a wide variety of world history topics. It also has a link to a page dealing with Texas history.

We're History
Professional and amateur  historians contribute articles and posts that are divided into five broad categories: History Behind the News; Culture; Military & Maritime; Politics & Economics; and This Day in History.

New Historian
Another site worth checking frequently. The New Historian is an online magazine that offers news about recent historical discoveries, reviews and analysis. The magazine covers a wide variety of historical topics from around the world.

Resources for Genealogists and Family Historians
The National Archives has a section called "Start Your Family Research" which will help you begin research on your family's history. The site includes tips on using other records to fine the information you are looking for.