Roger A. Griffin, Ph.D.

Professor of History
Riverside Campus
Austin Community College
Austin, Texas

1. Introduction

2. Finding History Resources on the Internet with Subject Directories

3. Finding History Resources on the Internet with Search Engines

4. Finding Primary Sources on the Internet

5. Finding Secondary Sources on the Internet

6. Evaluating History Resources Found on the Internet

7. Using the Internet to Find History Bibliographies

8. Finding Hard-copy Historical Sources in On-line Library Catalogs

9. Finding Reviews of Works about History on the Internet

10. Internet Resources to Help You Write Your Research Paper

a. Guide to Writing an Effective Research Paper

b. Other On-line Resources to Help You with Grammar and Writing Style

c. On-line Reference Materials Useful to Writers

d. On-line Help about How to Cite Sources You Find on the Internet

11. Take a Break with History

12. The Internet and Historical Research: Prospects and Problems

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