Reference Sources

Every Culture: Multicultural America
Well written articles about the wide variety of cultures that are present in the United States. Links to other pages and useful references make this a valuable and interesting site.

Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States

The Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond has complied a marvelous collection of animated and clickable maps. At this site you can view the changing landscape of social movements like women's suffrage or abolition; election results; Native land cessions; population growth and settlement and much more.

Histography: Timeline of History
A fun interactive timeline from the Big Bang to a few months ago. There are thematic timelines for Literature, Wars, Politics,  Women's Rights, Music etc... Each dot on the timeline will take you to a Wiki Page or video clip that provides more information.

CIA World Factbook
 The CIA's  annual reference book has current information concerning 266 countries plus a  "world," category that summarizes overall data. For each country there is information on geography, populations, economies, maps, background information, etc.

 See how newspapers around the US and the world cover events. A clickable map and drop-down menus make this  site very easy to use. There are also links to college newspapers, media groups, associations etc... A similar page is the Associated Press Webpage. Other Newspapers can be found at

Journal of Historical Biography
Maintained by the University College of the Fraser Valley, the JHB is an online peer reviewed journal first published in Spring 2007. The journal includes "scholarly articles on all aspects of historical biography." It also publishes book reviews on historical biographies.