Resources for the Teaching Profession

History is the foundation of informed discourse.


Best of History Web Sites
The Center For Teaching History With Technology has provided over 1000 links to topically arranged web sites  on this page. There are also oral histories, map sources and lesson plans.

Document Analysis Worksheets

Among the Educator Resources at the National Archives are these worksheets to help students analyze primary documents. The worksheets provide prompts tohelp students understand photographs, written documents, artifacts maps and more...

AHA Resources from the Texas Conference on Introductory History Courses
A number of interesing and useful articles on this page. Some other associated readings of interest include: "The End of the History Survey Course: The Rise and Fall of the Coverage Model," Journal of American History 97:4 (2011), and The History Survey Project: Improving Introductory History Courses," OAH Magazine of History (July 2013).

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Only subscribers to the Chronicle have complete access, but there are useful articles and  links. ACC faculty, staff and students have full text access to Chronicle articles through Academic Search Premier.

Google Image Database,

An enormous database of images on wide variety of topics. You might also look for images in The History Project, American Memory and of course Library of Congress which has more than 7,000,000 digital items. The Prints & Photographs Online Catalog makes for easy access to view holdings from 44 collections which include baseball cards, Ansel Adams's photographs of Japanese-Americans interned at Manzanar, WWI posters, Civil War photographs, a variety of graphic arts and more. Historical Stock Photos is aother useful database of photographs.

Teaching with Movies
While geared to secondary students, this site does offer useful ideas on teaching history with film. There is a searchable database and along with brief descriptions of the movies and ways to use the film in class. Films on Demand gives you access to 1000s of streaming videos available from the Film Media Group. Go to the Library Home Page and begin your search. You can search these titles You might also want to see the  films owned by ACC.
An educational resource site with links to stock and moving images, media services, photo and ad agencies, graphics, and clip art.
There is also a library and archive collection of national and private photographic collections. The Living Room Candidate offers television commercials of each presidential candidate from 1952 to 2004 along with analysis of each party's campaign strategy. The American Presidency Project has a wide range of materials - presidential communications, election data, speeches, party platforms etc... There are audio and video clips from late 1800s to the present. The PBS webpage on The Presidents  is geared toward teaching the history of the American presidency. Biographies provide links to primary documents. 

History Matters
A product of the American Social History Project and George Mason University, this site seems geared mainly to secondary students. Still, there are some interesting links to primary sources, useful reference sources, syllabi, lesson plans, and links to other sites organized by topic.

Perry-Castaneda Map Collection
One of the great collections for historical maps.

Map Quizzes
Some basic geographic knowledge is critical for students to understand American history and events happening around the world. Students can test their geographic knowledge at this site.

A variety of resources for teaching history at all levels. The site includes recent book reviews, links to other useful sites, course syllabi, and information on how to subscribe to discussion forums pertaining to specific academic interests.

Community College Historians Network
A Yahoo Group to discuss issues pertaining to Community College Historians. You might also look at Faculty Focus which is a frequently updated blog from Magna Publications thgat helps college professors stay current with trends and teaching strategies and more including the "app of the week." The American Association of Community Colleges includes a variety of useful resources for community college professors and administrators.

H-Net Review
This site has searchable reviews of new literature in the social sciences that date back to 1993.

The Programming Historian
This site hasmore than 60 tutorials to help historians learn how to use digitial tools in their research. These are "novice friendly" lessons with step by step instructions.

Social Media For Teachers
A good arcticle from Edutopia to help teachers reach students through social media. Links to 33 different articles that offer tips on how to use these tools.