Western Civilization Sites
It isn't so astonishing the number of things that I can remember, as the number of things I can remember that aren't so.
Mark Twain

The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
This site includes an online encyclopedia which is divided chronologically and thematically. There is also a library of full text works and a useful section for students beginning medieval studies  entitled  "What Every Medievalist Should Know." The site includes resources for teachers and additional links to other useful sites.

History World
This site contains over 400 separate historical articles and approximately 4000 events that can be searched by region or theme. Useful for brief overviews.

Ancient World Mapping Center
Maintained at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this site offers recent research concerning the ancient world from a variety of different disciplines. There are a number of detailed maps available for downloading.

Classics Unveiled
A useful introduction to Greek and Roman mythology, Roman history and Roman culture. Latin Wordstock provides translations of Latin words into English and derivatives of English words from Latin roots.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution
Created by  George Mason University and the City University
of New York, this site includes more than 600 primary documents also with 12 essays, 250 images, 350 text documents, 13 songs, 13 maps a timeline and a glossary. The search and browse features are particularly useful.

The Napoleonic Guide
A useful reference site with information on Napoleon's personal life, career, and campaigns. The site includes links about European history from 1796 - 1815 along with maps, time lines, songs, and images.

Primary historical documents from Western Europe. Organized by country this is an excellent site.

The Medici Archive Project
This searchable archive will contain almost three million letters, and offers "the most complete record of any princely regime in Renaissance and Baroque Europe." There is a special emphasis on costumes and Jewish history during the Renaissance.

The Knights Templar and the Middle Ages
The DaVinci Code has increased recent interest in the Knights Templar. Here is a well organized, if basic, site to investigate the Order.

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