Quiz: Broken Diphthongs

Listen to the sentence. There are five words in it with more than one syllable. For each of those words, decide which syllable is stressed. Then use what you know about the rules for accentuation, including the cases where a strong-weak vowel combination do not form diphthong, to figure out the correct spelling of each word.

1) First word:
a) Mario
b) Mário
c) Marío

2) Second word
a) María
b) Maria
c) Mária
d) Mariá

3) Third word
a) comiéron
b) comieron
c) comierón

4) Fourth word
a) papás
b) pápas
c) papas

5) Fifth word
a) huancaína
b) huancaina
c) huáncaina

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