Jim’s Dissertation!


So here is my Ph.D. thesis, completed in 2005.  Since it is 300 pages long, I have chopped it up into more manageable chunks, in convenient PDF form.  Hopefully it can provide information and affirmation to those who read it.  Feedback is always welcome.

·        Abstract and Table of Contents

·        Chapter 1 – The Problem

·        Chapter 2 – Review of Related Literature

·        Chapter 3 – Procedures

·        Chapter 4 – Results

o   Small Group Study

o   Lisa’s Story

o   Amy’s Story

o   Joy’s Story

o   James’ Story

o   Derek’s Story

o   Becky’s Story

o   Common Threads

o   Focused Study with Derek

·        Chapter 5 – Conclusions and Discussion

·        Appendices and References