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PHP Installation on a PC for Vista

I do not have a machine with Vista on it to test installation of PHP. However, a student recommended the following:

I have PHP server running smoothly under Windows Vista Ultimate. I downloaded WampServer2.1e-x32.exe from .

The single download above installs Apache, PHP server, mySQL and a PHP-based tool for administering mySQL, and configures everything to work together.

There are probably two sources of problems students may have. First, I'm not sure that Apache and IIS will run concurrently on the same physical machine without some tweaking. The student should probably be sure that IIS is not running. Second, he should probably save the download rather than running it directly from the download screen. Then, after saving it, he should right-click on it and choose "run as administrator" when he installs it.

I'm pretty sure the steps will be very similar to the steps for WAMP that I have listed below.

PHP Installation on a PC for Windows XP (and students have said works fine on Windows 7)

I could not get the steps for PHP installation in the book to work for me. I was able to get these steps to work on a PC.

PHP Installation on a Mac