Syllabus 2420 Spring_2007

Lecture schedule Spring 2007

Lab schedule

Unit 1 Lectures

History of Microbiology

 Anatomy of Eukaryotic Cell

Anatomy of Prokaryotic Cell

Tools of the Laboratory

Microbial nutrition, ecology and growth

Metabolism part 1

Metabolism part 2

Unit 2 Lectures

Microbial Genetics Part 1

Microbial Genetics Part 2

Biotechnology part 1

Biotechnology part 2

Control of Microbes

Microbe Human Interactions

Non-specific Defenses

Unit 3 Lectures

Specific Immunity

Disorders of the Immune System and Vaccination

Diagnosing Infections

Eukaryotic Diseases

Principles of Virology

Viral diseases

Unit 4 Lectures

Skin and Eyes

Nervous System

Cardiovacular and Lymphatic Systems

Digestive system



Spring 2007, Section 019 (49450)

Lecture Online

Lab Fri. 3:00pm-6:00pm   RM 2223


                             Instructor:  Kris Hollingsworth               Office Hours:  Friday 6:00-7:00 Rm. 2233


                                 E-mail:                      ACC E-Mail:

Telephone: (512) 275-6257 (home)               ACC voicemail:  223-1795 box# 25548

Helpful or interesting websites:   (Lab handouts are found here.)




      Unit 1 Lectures

               Week 1     student information sheet

               Week 2     None

                Week 3    Homework 1                             Homework 2


Submit your presentation topic to me for approval by Friday, February 9.

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Test Review Sheet (All material in the textbook and lectures may be included on the test.)

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