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About the Paralegal Program

Austin Community College's Legal Paralegal Program is a night/Saturday program designed to prepare the student to function as a paralegal (legal assistant) in a law firm or the law department of a government agency or corporation. The Program accepts high school graduates, but also trains students who already hold bachelor degrees, master's degrees and Ph.D.s.

For students who do not have a bachelor degree or higher, the associate degree program requires the completion of twenty-two, 3 credit hour courses in order to obtain the Associate of Applied Science Degree as a Paralegal. The twenty-two courses consist of seven general studies courses such as English Composition I and Texas and Local Government, and fifteen law courses. The general studies courses required for the associate degree program may be taken during the day or in the evening; however, the law courses may only be taken in the evening and Saturday mornings.

For students who do have a bachelor degree or higher, the Advanced Certificate program requires the completion of twelve, 3 credit hour law courses in order to obtain the Paralegal Advanced Technical Certificate.

All of the law courses are taught by licensed attorneys.

Each evening law course meets one night per week and these courses are offered Monday through Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. Although students are required to complete certain prerequisites before attempting the more advanced law courses, there is no requirement that any particular number of courses be taken per semester and students are allowed to complete the program at their own pace. Individuals who have already completed college credit courses may be given credit for many or all of the seven general studies courses in the degree program.

Specific course information can be obtained by purchasing a copy of the ACC Catalog at any ACC bookstore or admissions office or by viewing the ACC Catalog on the web at:

The ACC Course Schedule is also available in hardcopy to inform students concerning the specific courses offered in any particular semester or, it can be viewed on the web at: