MLAB 2321 Molecular Diagnostics for Clinical Laboratory Science

Unit 12 Assignments- DNA Sequencing

  1. Read Chapter 10 in your textbook.
  2. Download and complete the "DNA Sequencing Methods" chart. Save with your name at the end and upload to "Assignments" in BlackBoard. This chart may be used during Exam 3.
  3. Work through the study question in Chapter 10, page 222. Questions similar to these will be on Exam 3.
  4. Review the Sanger sequencing tutorial at the DNA Learning Center.
  5. Review the DNA sequencing tutorial at the DNA Learning Center
  6. Review Mapping Genomes web site
  7. Review "Primers for PCR".
  8. There are many sites which will assist you in creating designer primers and probes. Just for fun you may wish to visit them.
    1. You can use the "Entrez" website to assist you.
    2. The "Information Hyperlinked Over Proteins" is another resource.
    3. Go to our Course Links web page and scroll down to "Primer Design".
    4. Here is a document I found helpful in developing primers "Design of Primers for Automated Sequencing".
  9. As always, Wikipedia has nice explanation of DNA sequencing.
  10. Visit the following websites:
    1. Understanding the Human Genome Project .
    2. Facts About Genome Sequencing
    3. DNA Sequencing
    4. DNA Sequencing by the Enzymatic Method
    5. DNA Sequencing animation
    6. The Human Genome Project Sanger Institute
  11. Do a Google search for "dna sequencing", click on "images". There are many excellent graphics out there that nicely illustrate the principle of this technique.
  12. YouTube has a couple of nice videos. Here is the page with results of my search.


Using 4 different fluorescent tags each nucleotide in a sequence can be identified.

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