MLAB 2321 Molecular Diagnostics for Clinical Laboratory Science

Unit 16 Objectives - Molecular Oncology
Textbook Chapter 14

  • Define or describe the terms listed in the "Unit 16 Glossary of Terms".
  • After reviewing Chapter 14 Molecular Oncology I have decided that the majority of this chapter is at too high a level to meet our needs. What I wanted to see written in this chapter was the type of cancer, brief description of the cancer, markers that are used to determine diagnosis and prognosis and tests designed to detect those markers. The first 10 pages were kind of following this pattern and then the author lost direction. I really tried to come up with some way to help you synthesize this information in a logical format but I finally gave up.
  • So, here is your assignment:
    1. Find ONE article about a cancer you have interest in which is written at an introductory level, ie, your classmates and I will understand it and post it in BlackBoard. If the URL is really long copy/paste it into and it will make a short url for you. Select an article that is relatively short and can be read or skimmed through quickly. The article MUST be from a respectable source, ie, journal, professional website, etc. If several of you have the same cancer, do not worry, just make sure you pick a different article to post and that your multiple choice questions are totally different. The article must include:
      a. A general description of the cancer.
      b. Marker(s) used for detection.
      c. Test methodologies used to detect the marker(s).
      d. Clinical significance of the markers in diagnosis and prognosis.
    2. Write two multiple choice questions addressing 2b, 2c and/or 2d and includ those in your post, ie, the same post that will have the url of your article.. I will select one question from each student for the next exam. Be sure that you include the name of your cancer in the question. For example, “In the diagnosis of breast cancer the…”. Do NOT provide the correct answers.
    3. When you post to BlackBoard your subject line will be the name of your cancer.
    4. Be sure that you are able to answer each question. If you don't understand the question write the author for clarification. I have made this posting editable, meaning if you wish to change wording you may do so. If you do edit your post be sure to include the revision date so I will know there has been a change. For example, "revised (date) to clarify question 2"
    5. This will be due by the due date posted on the schedule.
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