MLAB 2378 Molecular Diagnostics For Clinical Laboratory Science

Unit 2 Objectives - Genetics

  1. Define the following terms. (Here is the vocabulary list in a Word document.)
    Allele Heredity Recessive
    Autosome Heterozygous Sex Chromosomes
    Autosomal dominant Homologous chromosome Sex Linked
    Autosomal recessive Homozygous Sexual reproduction
    Codominant Hybrid Sperm
    Crossing over Karyotype translocation
    Diploid Law of independent assortment Wild type allele
    Dominant Law of segregation Trait
    Egg Lethal Allele X-linked dominant
    Fertilization Linkage X-linked recessive
    Gamete Nondisjunction Zygote
    Gene Non-linkage Zygosity
    Genetic recombination Meiosis  
    Genotype Mutation  
    Haploid Phenotype  
    Hemizygous Point mutation  

  2. Given a pedigree identify the symbols and state the relationship including transmission of genetic abnormalities.
  3. Draw a pedigree illustrating a dominant, recessive and X-linked gene transmission.
  4. Given the alleles for two individuals determine the possible genotypes of the offspring.

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