MLAB 2321 Molecular Diagnostics for Clinical Laboratory Science

Unit 3 Objectives - DNA

  1. List the 4 nitrogen bases for DNA and state which ones pair together.
  2. State the composition of a: nucleoside, nucleotide, pyrimidine and purine.
  3. State the 5 carbon sugar of DNA.
  4. State the direction of DNA synthesis.
  5. State the significance of numbering the carbons of the ribose sugar 1’ and 5’.
  6. Define “Okazaki fragment”.
  7. Describe the replication process of the “leading” and “lagging” strand in DNA synthesis.
  8. Describe the overall process of DNA synthesis from beginning to end.
  9. Given a sequence of nitrogen bases create the complementary strand.
  10. Be able to define or describe the terms listed in the "Unit 3 Glossary of Terms".

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