MLAB 2321 Molecular Diagnostics for Clinical Laboratory Science

Unit 5 Objectives - Proteins

  1. Define "protein".
  2. Define "polypeptide".
  3. State the number of amino acids used in protein synthesis.
  4. State the number of 3-nucleotide codons produced from amino acids.
  5. List and describe the function of a start codon for protein synthesis.
  6. State the function of a stop codon and list the three stop codons involved in protein synthesis.
  7. State the site of protein production in a eukaryotic cell.
  8. List the three stages of "translation".
  9. Briefly list and describe the process of protein production including: transcription, translation and protein production.
  10. Briefly describe the 4 protein structures (primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary).

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