MLAB 2321 Molecular Diagnostics for Clinical Laboratory Science

Unit 6 Objectives - Nucleic Acid Extraction Methods

  1. State the purpose of extraction methods.
  2. List 4 samples from with nucleic acids are routinely isolated in the clinical laboratory.
  3. State how purification of DNA is accomplished.
  4. List the BASIC steps for DNA isolation using organic, inorganic and solid phase isolation techniques.
  5. List the BASIC steps for total RNA isolation using organic and polyA RNA isolation techniques.
  6. State the two dyes used for detecting RNA and DNA for electrophoresis.
  7. State the 2 optical density (OD) readings used to determine quantitiy and quality of DNA and RNA.
  8. Given the OD reading and dilution calculate the quantity of DNA or RNA.
  9. Given the OD reading at 260nm and 280nm determine the purity of DNA or RNA.
  10. State the significance of high and low 260nm/280nm ratios.
  11. State the principle of fluorometry as it relates to DNA anlaysis.

*Formulas may be written down for use during the exam.

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