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I really need to put together an updated version of my Mathematica Resource Pages (after an initial burst of energy, I kind of ran out of steam and only added material needed for my Calculus IV and Differential Equations classes). When Wolfram Research came out with version 6 of Mathematica, I really became excited (in a sad, math teacher sort of way) about doing some new work with this. So that I spend more of my time working in Mathematica rather than trying to polish up a new version of my website, I plan to post those new demos here as-is for now. No warranties are implied (so if your computer blows up while using these, I just don't want to know about it) and I haven't spent a whole lot of time polishing the demos up for general release. If something is seriously not ready for prime time yet (or has some rough edges), I'll try to mention it here. When I have time and it is possible, I will also post Adobe Flash previews for the animations, so that you can view them on the web, before downloading if you wish. All of these files are Copyright 2008 © by Marcus McGuff, but anyone is free to make use of them for educational purposes, as long as you give proper attribution. (If you figure out a way to make money off of them, then I want a cut...) Constructive comments and suggestions are welcome; feel free to let me know of any problems you encounter (and I will add those to my list of things to fix when I have time). Enjoy...

Some screencasts (by Wolfram Research) on how to do a lot of interesting things in Mathematica can be found here. A few that might be of particular interest to the people likely to read this page might be:

Computer Lab Assignments for my classes can be found here.

General purpose

Calculus III and IV

Differential Equations - These have been split out into a separate web page with several new projects. Go here for more stuff

Calculus I and II

Precalculus / Trigonometry / College Algebra / Calculus (a mixed bag)

If you want to view the material on my old Mathematica Resource Pages site, it is still available here.

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