Mathematica Labs

This is where my students can come to download the labs we will be doing in class. I have also added some more general labs that others might find interesting. This is a work "in progress", so I am open to suggestions for other topics, improvements on these labs, and corrections.

Before you begin - Check out my Lab Submission Guidelines.

The labs at the top of the list require version 6 (or higher) of Mathematica to work. They may work in earlier versions, but I doubt it.

Calculus IV - Spring 2013

Calculus III - Fall 2012

Calculus III - Fall 2011

Calculus IV - Spring 2009

Calculus IV - Spring 2008

Labs below this line were written for version 5/5.1/5.2 of Mathematica; they may or may not work with the current version 6.

Differential Equations - Summer 2007

Calculus IV - Spring 2007

Differential Equations - Summer 2006

Calculus IV - Spring 2006

Differential Equations - Summer 2005

Calculus IV - Spring 2005

Calculus IV - Fall 2004

Differential Equations - Summer 2004

Calculus II - Spring 2004

Calculus IV - Spring 2004

Differential Equations - Summer 2003

General labs - I hope to add more of these soon

Calculus IV - Spring 2002

Calculus III - Spring 2001

Calculus III - Fall 2000


These will be added as I finish them.


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