Downloading and Using EditPad to Change URLs


  1. Download EditPad, a good FREE text editor program that has various advantages over NotePad, which comes with Windows.
  2. It is a zipped file, Unzip it into a directory of its own, which results in four files: EditPad.exe, Language.txt, Manual.htm, and Readme.txt.
  3. Open EditPad, go to the "File" menu, and open a file that has the out-of-date URL in it. Use "Find and Replace" to replace with
  4. When you are clear that this is easy, then try to open multiple files. (Of course, it's always good to keep backups of your important files before you start doing things with them in unfamiliar software!)
  5. The most efficient way to open multiple files is to go to the "File" menu, choose "Open" and then click on a file to highlight it. Then go to another file in the same directory and hold down "Shift" while clicking on the file with the mouse. That will select all the files in between. If you want to then omit one in the list, do "Control" and click on it. That will leave the rest of the list selected. When you get exactly the set of files you want to open selected, then choose "Open" and it will open all of them at once.
  6. With all of your files open, then you can go to the "Edit" menu and choose "Find and Replace" and put in your phrases. In that same dialog box, select "All Open Documents". If you have very many of them, you'll also want to make sure that "Prompt upon replace" is NOT checked!
  7. When you are finished, you can choose "Close All" as an option.
  8. Send Jan Goyvaerts a nice postcard thanking him for providing such a useful program as EditPad to the world. This is the only payment he asks for this program. In an earlier version of this page, I recall that he said he likes picture postcards of the places where people are using his program.

Last updated June 3, 1999. Mary Parker. Please tell me if I can make this page more helpful.