A Wealth of Activities for Statistics from Statway and the New Math Pathways

Presentation at USCOTS 2013 May 16-18, 2013
by Colleen Hosking, Gustavo Cepparo, Mary Parker from Austin Community College
(cneroda@austincc.edu, gcepparo@austincc.edu, mparker@austincc.edu)

PowerPoint presentation Friday, May 17 (June 1: These slides were edited a bit to direct viewers on causeweb.org to this website to find the actual activities)

Paper handout: Overview of session

Links to materials in paper handout:

Where to find the actual activities and more information:

Statway: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Statway page | Curriculum page from which you can find examples of the lessons / activities

New Math Pathways: Dana Center's page | Page with full set of lessons / activities - Modules 1 - 12, including Lesson 3.1.1 which was used in today's presentation. List of Activities in Modules 1 - 12

The lessons/activities on the Dana Center website are the complete set that was written as the first draft, called Version 1.0. In the two years since these were written, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has revised them a couple of times based on input and data from the classes which have used them. The Dana Center is in the process of revising them to fit the classes they will be supporting starting in Fall 2013. Class meetings in each of the programs are largely based on these activities. Each program also has an online textbook they have written to support students' learning with these activities.

Results so far:

Statway has just completed the second year of teaching the full two-semester course at numerous community colleges across the country. A detailed report of the impressive success is available on their website.

New Math Pathways is still in development, with the first classes starting in Fall 2013.


More information about the Statway program