Steve Kinslow: Why Is a College President a Member of TCCTA?

I’ve been a member of TCCTA for most of my career - and didn’t hesitate to keep my membership when I became President/CEO of the Austin Community College District.  While my job doesn’t allow me to participate as much in TCCTA events as I would enjoy, I keep my membership for many reasons.

First, TCCTA is a great partner with TACC (Texas Association of Community Colleges), and now also with CCATT (Community College Association of Texas Trustees) as faculty, presidents, and trustees forge common legislative agendas and advocate for increased funding and improved higher education public policy.

Second, I value the ethical standards that TCCTA has always demonstrated as we address complicated issues affecting our complex organizations.

Third, I believe that it is important to reduce artificial walls between faculty and administrators, to minimize “us v. them” thinking, and to promote the concept that we all have important roles in serving students and our communities.  We do better when we focus on students and their success first, and when we value working together.  I have always had the sense that TCCTA shares that philosophy, and that its members are committed to high professional standards.

Last, I value teaching and for many years did so as an adjunct instructor.  TCCTA helps me maintain that perspective, and I think it helps me in my role as president.