ACC offers extended deadline for FAFSA

CBS Austin: ACC offers extended deadline for FAFSA

Austin Community College is extending the deadline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) program.

Aid programs funded by the State of Texas have a priority deadline of January 15 but ACC says it will be accepting applications through March 1 for the summer semester and through April 1 for the fall semester.

In addition, ACC says FAFSA will not be impacted by the government shut down.

The FAFSA is an online form that allows the government to determine a student’s eligibility for financial aid through federal grants, work study funds, and loans.

“Paying for college is one of the biggest roadblocks our students face,” says Jason Briseno, executive director of Student Assistance. “With some federal funds available on a first-come, first-served basis, we encourage our students to apply early. Those who fill out their forms by the priority deadline may be eligible for more financial aid.”

For more information, visit ACC’s Financial Aid webpage or call the financial aid hotline at 512-223-4243.


If I were to apply for aid through the FAFSA at this point, past the stated Oct. 18 deadline, would I be expected to pay for the coursework myself, at this point, and hope for reimbursement at some later date? What about living expenses, in the interim, if I were to register for a full course load? Would any funds be immediately forthcoming? If not, at what approximate date are disbursements to be expected, when applied for at this time? Thank you

You can still apply for the 2019-2020 FAFSA which covers this fall 2019, spring 2020, and summer 2020. However, due to the 4 - 6-week processing timeframe, it's recommended to set up a payment plan by the spring deadline to ensure your courses are secured. Once your spring financial aid is processed, you can receive a reimbursement based on your eligibility. Any financial aid award you are expecting will not be disbursed until your spring 2020 courses begin. The aid would first be applied to any remaining balance you have with ACC then, if applicable, a refund would be issued for any remaining financial aid. Refunds can be used for additional education-related expenses such as books, supplies, housing, and food.

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