ACC Paints New Picture: Adrienne Hodge Featured at Art Gallery

More than a dozen pieces of art cover the walls at Collections on the Block. The Downtown Austin art gallery invites visitors to see paintings by Adrienne Hodge and explore new worlds. 

“I am a big fan of space and astronomy. It is just something that has stuck around since I was a kid,” says Adrienne Hodge, artist and ACC transfer student.  “Most of my work uses calligraphy ink, which looks the nicest, holds the color, and just sustains a better quality.”

Adrienne Hodge, Artwork, Painting, Moon

January has been a big month for Hodge, who is also the first featured artist of the month for Miller Design and Imaging Studio, a local graphic design and print company.

“I was super excited when they called me,” says Hodge. “It’s a known brand to people. or them to pick me to recognize is a big honor.”

Art wasn’t Hodge’s original calling. She first enrolled at ACC in fall 2005 as an English major, but an art class reignited her passion.

“I felt like I had stalled out at an eighth-grade drawing level until I took a class with Judith Simonds. She helped me find my way. I ended up changing my major.”

After transferring and graduating with her bachelor’s, Hodge taught at a middle school. One day in the classroom she knew she needed more. “A student asked what my dream job was. I looked around and said this and he gave me look about just how sad that was. That’s when I realized I needed to dream a little bigger.”

Adrienne Hodge, Artwork, Painting, Moon

With help from a partner, Hodge launched an art studio. She also started teaching adults which led to a connection with student Makenna Hatter, the curator at Collections on the Block gallery.

“Adrienne taught me how to draw. She is a very special person to me as a teacher and a friend. Her work has always been fantastical and ethereal. That is what attracted me to putting it in this space.”

Surrounding her life in art helps Hatter connect with others.

“Art gives everyone different experiences, whether they hate it, don’t connect with it, smile, or even have a very emotional crying response. The range of reactions is infinite.”

With the current installation, Hatter hopes people can share the same fantastical experience Hodge’s work gives her.

“Growing up, I would play teacher with my brother,” says Hodge. “It just made sense this is what I was going to do. While I want to be a full-time artist, I will continue to teach private lessons or a class, especially with adults.”

Hodge’s collection will be on display through March and can be viewed by appointment. For more information, visit To learn more about the art program, visit