Highland and Rio Grande bond project updates: February 2019

Austin Community College (ACC) continues to move forward on phase 2 of the Highland Mall redevelopment and the renovation of Rio Grande Campus. Both projects are part of the capital improvement projects approved by district voters in the November 2014 bond election. View the video, read summaries below, and stay up-to-date on each project through the ACC Bond Construction Projects website.

Highland Phase 2

Construction continues on phase 2 at ACC Highland. Crews completed the removal of floor finishes in January and are now re-pouring concrete that was in disrepair. Work also continues on the new television studio and the music performance hall. Outside, lighting supports for the canopy are going up. Interior design consultants at Edwards Mulhausen also released new renderings of furniture, fixtures, and equipment showcasing design considerations for gathering spaces and the new culinary restaurant.

Highland Phase 2 Feb 2019 Renderings

Rio Grande Renovation

Construction crews continue work on the lower level, including mechanical/electrical/plumbing overhead and chilled beam installation. The mechanical room slab in the north atrium and the underground electrical duct bank have been poured. Interior wall framing is underway on the second and third levels.

Rio Grande Campus Feb 2019 Construction photos

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