ACC’s Child Watch Drop-In Center expands to serve more children

Austin Community College (ACC) and the YMCA of Austin are expanding services at the new Child Watch Drop-In Center at ACC Highland to serve more children.

“Juggling parenthood and an education can be difficult,” says Steve Christopher, Student Accessibility & Social Support Resources associate vice president. “High-quality child care can be expensive and isn’t always available when our students need the support. We’ve been working with our students to better understand their needs and are expanding our programs so that we can relieve some of the burden and help more students stay on track.”

The center offers currently enrolled ACC students drop-in care for their children. The new, expanded services will begin Monday, March 25, and include:

  1. Serving Younger Children: The minimum age will be lowered from three years to 12 months. Special furniture, including changing tables, will be provided by the YMCA.

  2. Allowing Snacks: Parents will be allowed to bring snacks with the exception of nut products.

  3. Offering Family Discount: Students who enroll more than one child will be offered a 50-percent discount for the second child.  

“The YMCA and ACC are committed to serving the community in any form they need,” says James Finck, YMCA of Austin president/CEO. “These changes remove a layer of stress from parents and give them the extra support they need.”

Students pay $4 per hour per child with a 50 percent discounted rate extended to additional children in a family. Children may stay for a maximum of three hours per day, or up to 12 hours per week.

The college also will continue to offer child-care services, including evening child care, at the Child Lab at ACC Eastview Campus.

For more information, about child-care services at ACC, visit To learn more or to register for the Child Watch program, visit


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