Forging a career: ACC student follows passion to become better engineer

Rebecca Giuntoli, Welding

Sparks of light cascade around the welding technology lab at Round Rock Campus. It’s often seen as a predominantly male profession, but Rebecca Giuntoli is breaking that perception.

The University of Texas at Austin sophomore is majoring in Environmental Engineering and enrolled in welding classes at Austin Community College (ACC).

“UT doesn’t offer welding classes, so taking classes at ACC gives me the best of both worlds. The diversity helps expand my horizons for career opportunities.” Rebecca enrolled in her first welding class as a dual-credit student at ACC.

“The welding program here is amazing at educating and preparing you for the real world. The instructors are welcoming and helpful. They have authentic conversations with us about the job market, opportunities, and expectations.”

Careers in skilled trades are among the fastest-growing in the region. Employment in welding is expected to rise 10 percent over the next four years.

“I am really passionate about my career. It is my inspiration everyday. I take the opportunity I have been given and do my best to perfect my craft.”

Rebecca plans to pursue a career in the oil/petroleum industry working in environmental remediation or risk management.

“I want to help oil companies maximize natural resources as much as possible while having the lowest risk of harming the ecosystem and water resources. With everything I’m learning at ACC, I will be able to bridge the gap between engineers and welders, and do my job more effectively.”

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