Highland and Rio Grande bond project updates: April 2019

Highland Campus Phase 2

Construction crews continue work on Highland Campus Phase 2. Structural steel erection was completed in February. Shoring and formwork for the connector bridge and social stair foundation at the paseo have started. The paseo canopy steel has been erected, and the loading dock slab and sidewalks have been placed. One additional chiller and cooling tower have been installed to the existing chiller plant. Steel roof decking is complete and roofing work and wall framing are underway. Drywall installation has begun on the lower level.

Watch the time lapse video of progress since the project broke ground in fall 2017. 

SEIZURE WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

HLC2 upper level

Highland Campus Phase 2 lower level

Highland Campus Phases 1 and 2 connection

Rio Grande Renovations

Construction work continues to move forward on Rio Grande Campus. Waterproofing has been completed in the north atrium and has commenced in the south atrium. Underground electrical and plumbing also has started in both atriums. Crews have begun concrete removal in the basement corridor for telecom and plumbing trench and roof tear-off. The south mechanical chase slab and the footing between the ACCelerator and the south mechanical room have been poured. Window removal at level 2 has been completed. The photos below show the roof tear-off and pouring concrete in the north atrium.