ACC votes to keep tuition and fees steady for sixth consecutive year

Board of Trustees meeting

For the sixth consecutive year, in-district tuition and fees at Austin Community College (ACC) will not change. The ACC Board of Trustees unanimously approved the proposed tuition and fee rates for 2019-20 during its regular May meeting Monday, May 6.

"We're seeing the cost of college climb nationally, but it's our mission to keep college affordable and accessible," says Mark Williams, ACC Board of Trustees vice chair. "This Board is committed to keeping the cost of education low for our in-district tax payers, but we also recognize that many students we're trying to serve live out of district and pay substantially higher rates."

Trustees also voted to lower tuition and fees for out-of-district students who are seeking online or distance education options. Online programs are highly-competitive among colleges and universities.

"We examined several opportunities to expand affordable access," says Neil Vickers, executive vice president of Finance and Administration. "It's important that we honor the support of our taxpayers while we work to alleviate some of the financial pressure out-of-district students feel."

ACC's online student population is among the fastest-growing at the college with more than 12,000 students enrolled in online courses and programs in fall 2018. The college offers both individual courses and full degree programs entirely online. The board approved to discount out-of-district fees and out-of-state tuition for distance education courses by $75 and $81 respectively.

The new rates align with ACC Board policy to lower costs for students who live out-of-district, but still maintain a sizeable difference between those who live in-district. Students who live within the district support the college through tax dollars and receive lower tuition and fees. According to Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2019-20 in-district students at ACC save approximately 80 percent in tuition and fees on a two-year degree compared with other area institutions.

Cost for Two Years of College (60 Credits)

  • ACC: $5,100
  • Texas A&M: $21,124
  • University of Texas: $20,628
  • Texas State University: $22,480
  • Independent University: $68,968

The ACC District includes the City of Austin as well as the Austin, Leander, Manor, Del Valle, Round Rock, Elgin, and Hays school districts.

The approved rates will go into effect during the fall semester. Fall registration begins May 13 for current and former students and opens May 28 for new students. For more information, visit