Construction updates at Highland and Rio Grande: August 2019

What's new at Highland Phase 2?
By: Pamela Collier, ACC Highland Phase 2 Project Manager

All aspects of construction have progressed as the building is large and in various stages of construction from one end to the other. Exterior curtainwall, storefront windows, and doors are being installed, and the building will be completely enclosed in the coming weeks. Nearly all of the walls are framed throughout and a good portion of the lower level walls have sheetrock. Interior storefront windows also are being installed. The chilled water pipes will be flushed soon and conditioned air will be turned on in the northern portion of the building in the coming weeks so that building finishes may begin.

Aug19_HLC2 aerial from southwest

Aug19_Paseo fom South Building 082019

Aug19_Looking at HLC4 connection 082019

Rio Grande Campus renovations march on
By: Paul Mason, Rio Grande Renovation Project Manager

The heart of the college's fourth ACCelerator is taking shape at Rio Grande Campus, Building 1000 with workers pouring the first- and second-level elevated concrete slabs in the core of the building. To close in the building and keep out the elements, workers will continue to place steel framing, metal floor deck, and concrete topping in floor penetrations that were cut into Level 3 and the roof, which provide openings for mechanical exhaust ductwork and supply air ductwork to pass through. The elevator shaft, an 8-inch concrete wall, is being placed. The masons have reached Level 3 and are nearing completion of the shaft wall assembly. The two atrium brick walls and cast-stone detailing is being cleaned and repaired. Old vines and other plants have been removed in advance of this work. Outside the building, crews are establishing trenching from the main electrical vault to the main electrical room inside Level 0 of the building. All concrete slab on grade pours are complete on Levels 0 and 1. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing overhead work continues on Levels 2 and 3.

Aug19_RGC Bldg 1000 L3.jpg

Aug19_RGC Bldg 1000 Level 3

Aug19_RGC Bldg 1000 Level 1



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