ACC working to replace ERP and SIS systems, inventory records

Enterprise Resource Planning and Student Information System Project
ACC is currently engaged in an effort to replace its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Student Information System. The college is moving to a centralized content management system and preparing for the transition to a new collegewide ERP system. 

"The rollout of the ERP is an ongoing, multi-year effort with benefits of enhanced user experience for students, faculty and staff, improved reporting and planning, increased visibility and analytics capabilities, scalable customer service, enhanced security and data quality, and improved collaboration and workflows," says Neil Vickers, ACC executive vice president of Finance and Administration. "ACC's IT team will be instrumental in this effort."

An RFP has been issued, and responses are currently being evaluated. Solution selection is scheduled between September and December 2019.

Institutional Records Inventory Project
The college has engaged Weaver to manage this project. The key phases and activities will take place from now through June 2020 and will include:

  • Surveys of every department and division to identify required records and how they are generated and stored.
  • Identification of records and data associated with IT applications.
  • File analysis to identify electronic records stored in Fortis, Google docs, network files, etc.
  • A physical inventory of all department or division records.
  • Data classification to determine criticality and data attributes of the records.
  • Update of the records retention schedule and rules for the destruction of records.

Weaver and the Records and Information Management staff are charged with identifying and classifying all of ACC records.

More information will be provided prior to each phase of the project as it relates to college departments or divisions.

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