Construction updates at Highland and Rio Grande: October 2019

Rio Grande Campus Renovations
By: Paul Mason, Rio Grande Renovation Project Manager

Work on Rio Grande Campus Building 1000 is proceeding along smoothly this month.

Electrical panel rough-in at the main electrical room is complete. HVAC overhead rough-in continues on the bottom level.

Structural steel framing infill at Levels 1, 2, and 3 is complete in the building core and lightweight concrete slabs were poured over metal deck at these areas last week. Perimeter metal stud wall framing is in process along the inside face of all exterior walls at all levels along all facades. All remaining structural steel framing to form the mechanical penthouse floor, walls, and roof on the existing roof and steel ribs for the two atrium roofs is stockpiled onsite and ready for erection in the next couple of weeks by a large crane. The waste water line tie-in at West Avenue is being revised and will be re-routed due to conflicts under the street with existing utilities.

Lead-based paint and asbestos removal continues on the historical steel windows at the two atriums. It is a tedious, slow process. Restoration, patching, and infill of matching yellow brick masonry to match existing walls is also in progress in the atriums. Concrete pedestal supports that will hold the transparent roofing are complete around the atriums. Steel stair assemblies for the building core at the ACCelerator are onsite and will be set in place soon on all levels.




Highland Campus Phase 2 Construction Update
By: Pamela Collier, ACC Highland Phase 2 Project Manager

The building is taking shape as progress continues on the phase 2 project.

The exterior stucco is complete and the exterior metal wall panels are beginning to be installed. Storefront and curtain wall glass systems continue to progress. The remainder of the skylights are onsite and will be installed mid-October. Water pipes, storm drains, and roof drains are complete and being tested.

The interior wall framing is almost complete and sheetrock work is expected to wrap by mid-November. Many interior walls have been primed and painted. Interior and exterior doors are being hung. Ceiling grid installation is continuing and mechanical components, including chilled beams, light fixtures, etc., are being dropped into the ceiling grids. The majority of the elevators also have been installed. Millwork (ready-made carpentry elements) has begun to be installed in some areas.

The Paseo on Phase 2 is taking shape with grading underway. Exterior concrete paving will begin shortly. The project remains on schedule to open for fall 2020 next August.





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