Professors inspire ACC graduate Sarah A. to new destinations

Sarah Alanis and student peers.
Sarah Alanis and a group of students abroad.
Sarah Alanis.
Sarah Alanis and friends.
The Pantheon in Rome, Italy.
A coffee thermos held by Sarah Alanis that says, "Exlpore Law, ACC, HT, UT".
Sarah Alanis and friends pose by the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.
Sarah Alanis.
Sarah Alanis standing in front of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy.

Just months after graduating from ACC, Sarah Alanis is taking her degree the distance. This December, she wraps up her first semester toward a bachelor’s degree in Italy. 

“I’m studying at John Cabot University in Rome, focusing on international affairs. It’s nice to be able to focus on school. Up until now, I have been going to school while working three jobs.”

After completing her Associate of Arts in Government, Sarah knew her journey was far from over.

“Not only am I getting my bachelor’s, but I will be interning with the United Nations. I want to stop human trafficking. It’s crazy to me that survivors are just expected to reintegrate into life after being put through horrendous situations. I want to stop that.”

Sarah started studying Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Dallas but returned to Central Texas when her sister fell ill. In fall 2017, Sarah decided to enroll at ACC but settled on a different path.

“When I first started, I had no idea what I wanted to do. The professors were so encouraging and would show me options I didn’t know ACC offered. The best decision I have ever made was to pursue Government.”

"Sarah is one of those students who merely needed a place to recognize her abilities and give her a chance to demonstrate them. She is a truly rare and gifted student. She has a well-developed sense of who she is, where she wants to go, and how she wants to get there. It won’t be long at all until ACC lists her prominently on the Alumni Pride." ACC Government Professor Kris Seago 

During her final months at ACC, Sarah got a real-world understanding of where her degree could take her through a unique partnership between ACC, the University of Texas at Austin, and Huston-Tillotson University.

“When I applied for the Explorer Law program, I didn’t think I was prepared. After doing it, I knew that's what I needed to be ready for the next step in my career.”

She was one of 12 students selected to represent ACC for the month-long Explorer Law program. 

“It was basically a simulation of your first year of law school. If you are even thinking about a career in law, do this program. It’s one-of-a-kind and truly extraordinary. I found a community among the other participants and will continue to check in on them for support and see where we are all going.”

The Associate of Arts degree in Government provides students a solid foundation to allow students to successfully pursue a baccalaureate degree in government or political science.

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“Things are going well! Finals are in full swing here! It has been a crazy adjustment, but I'm glad to be here. I've met so many people from all around the world that will truly become life long friends. My roommates are from California, Bolivia, Thailand, and Canada, which has opened me up to so many different cultures. We cook dinners weekly to show off our respective region of the world's cuisine (authentic Thai food is amazing by the way). We also got to spend Thanksgiving together and cooked the biggest meal I think I have ever had. It was delicious. 

One of my roommates and I went to Amsterdam, and I fell in love with it. I spoke with a few of my professors about Masters programs in Amsterdam that they would recommend. That may be in my future. I miss America sometimes, but it's great to get a different perspective. The world really is huge, and I can't wait to see more of it.”