ACC Board of Trustees approve Regional Advisory Committee members

The Austin Community College Board of Trustees approved recommendations for the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) during is regular January board meeting.

The three 11-member committees, representing ACC’s north, central, and south regions, are appointed by President/CEO Dr. Richard Rhodes and each member of the ACC Board of Trustees to help strengthen the link between ACC and the community. Per board policy, each member will serve a three-year term. During the first RAC meeting in April 2019, members drew lots to determine who would serve one-, two-, and three-year terms. 

Ten RAC members with one-year terms that were set to expire at the end of this month, were reappointed. New members include Jason Ball, appointed by Trustee Mark Williams for the north region, and Stefani Quimby, appointed by Trustee Nicole Eversmann for the south region. All 12 members approved by the board will serve a three-year term beginning January 2020.

In fall 2019, RAC members completed their initial analyses of ACC campuses and presented the first annual report to Trustees.

The next RAC meetings are planned for April 2020. For more information, visit