ACC hosts Emergency Preparedness Week February 3-7

Austin Community College (ACC) is preparing students, faculty, and staff by practicing emergency response procedures and testing its emergency notification system as part of Emergency Preparedness Week February 3-7. 

Emergency Preparedness Week is designated for the third week of every semester to train for the best actions to take in the event of an emergency on campus. The college will conduct building evacuation drills at select campuses and test the ACC Emergency Alert System districtwide.

“ACC is dedicated to maintaining a safe learning and working environment. It is crucial we remain vigilant on campus and any suspicious activity is reported,” says Mike Garcia, Regulatory Affairs executive director. “Drills, like this week, remain an important component of the district’s readiness plan. Now is the time for students, staff, and the community to make sure they’re signed up for our emergency alert system to get critical information for their safety on campus.”

ACC will test its Emergency Alert System on Wednesday, February 5. Students and employees are encouraged to verify or update their contact information online to receive emergency notifications. During the test, messages and text alerts will be sent to all registered accounts. A test message also will be posted on the ACC homepage and on social media.

For more information on ACC’s emergency response and procedures, visit