Districtwide Campus Master Planning Process entering final stretch

With the Districtwide Campus Master Planning Process (DCMP) approximately two-thirds of the way through, the Austin Community College (ACC) Board of Trustees heard an update from the project team at its February 17 work session.

Pfluger Architects, the firm hired to lead the DCMP, is wrapping up the data-gathering portion of the process. The project team met with the following groups:

  • North, Central, and South Regional Advisory Committees (RAC)
  • ACC Health Sciences user group
  • ACC Applied Tech user group
  • ACC Student Services user group
  • ACC ACCelerator, Learning Lab, and Library user groups
  • Community Meetings for Pinnacle Campus

Below is a summary of the feedback Pfluger received for both short- and long-term plans for the regions and campuses.

North Region
  • Cypress Creek Campus - Expand to meet the needs of the community and increase capacity
  • Northridge Campus - Explore collaborations with nearby IT companies and establish a high-tech innovation lab incubator
  • Round Rock Campus - Expand Applied Tech and Health Sciences programs
  • San Gabriel Campus - Work on transportation options and explore commercial development collaborations
Central Region
  • Eastview Campus - Expand and renovate Health Sciences program and establish an Early College High School
  • Elgin Campus - Expand programs, including an Applied Tech program
  • Highland Campus - Continue the expansion
  • Rio Grande Campus - Renovate parking garage stairwells to make them more vibrant
South Region
  • Hays Campus - Move some skilled trades here, develop Health Science program, and build general education building with an ACCelerator
  • Riverside Campus - Modernize campus, replace/renovate Building D, and expand into part of golf course
  • South Austin Campus - Expand into courtyard space and renovate to add ACCelerator
  • Pinnacle Campus - New short-term general education building to re-establish ACC presence
  • Southeast Travis County Land - Establish a logistics and supply chain management program, build new facility for Applied Tech programs
All Regions
  • IT infrastructure improvements focused on Wifi and campus safety
  • Highly visible welcome center in each region to serve as one-stop-shop
  • Partnerships with outside organizations to provide affordable student housing
  • Lounge space at every campus

With this feedback, the project team will update the site plan of every campus.

Additional meetings will be held with the steering committee and the RACs in April and May. The team is expected to present a final draft of the DCMP to the board in June.

The current Campus Master Plan, completed in 2011, can be found on the Reports and Campus Master Planning/Plans webpage.