Dumpster diving helps ACC Welding student create masterpieces

The saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, is a way of life for ACC welding and art student Valerie Chaussonnet. 

Valerie is a self-proclaimed dumpster queen. Her artwork is often comprised of materials she finds cast aside in dumpsters at Riverside Campus.

“All my life I've collected art supplies that I didn't know how to use and what to do with. I like to use discarded materials and transform them. When they're all polished and shiny, they're really beautiful.”

As an ACC student, Valerie has direct access to the tools she needs to create her sculptures.

“Being able to use the incredible studio space at ACC is amazing. There are so many resources and there’s so much room to work. When I am in the booth and welding, it is an incredible feeling.”

Valerie’s artwork is featured in exhibits across Central Texas. Her work is on display at The Old Bakery and Emporium in Austin through March 4.

Watch her in action in the video above. For more information about ACC’s Welding Program, visit austincc.edu/welding.