ACC English Composition student wins 2020 Eco Bag Art contest

The ballots are in and the votes tallied. This year's winner of the seventh annual 2020 Eco Bag Art contest is English Composition student Diana Ruiz Trujeque. 

Faculty, staff, and students selected Diana out of 35 submitted designs through districtwide voting for Earth Week. Diana titled her design “A seed of hope” and says her inspiration comes from educating the younger generation that even the smallest act of kindness can generate change.

“Sustainability is the ability to endure. When we participate in being sustainable we are creating a clean and safe environment for the generations to come,” says Diana. “By extending our kindness to others and giving back to our community, especially at a time like this, is crucial for change to take place. We should start wherever we can no matter how small.”

Graphic Design student Mitchell Albrecht received honorable mention for his design.

“Sustainability is important because we can affect our climate for future generations to thrive. It is important to inform people with accurate information so we can start to make changes,” says Mitchell.

The winning design will be printed on a reusable bag and made available for purchase. Individuals interested in ordering a bag may submit a 2020 Eco Bag Order Form. Orders will be processed and shipped when ACC campuses reopen.

The contest is sponsored by ACC’s Office of Energy & Sustainability. For more information about the office and ACC’s environmental efforts, visit