ACC’s Student Emergency Fund helps Entrepreneurship student stay focused on education

“Right now, it is just so important to have extra support. I lost hours at work. I was worried about just paying my bills.” 

Austin Community College student, Stevani Flahaut, took a hit when the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak hit Central Texas. 

“I work two jobs and both were severely affected by COVID-19. I was worried about handling my day-to-day life and found myself struggling to stay focused on my school work.”

Flahaut applied for support from ACC’s Student Emergency Fund. The fund provides immediate financial assistance to students facing unexpected emergencies.

“After getting approved I got a check deposited into my account in just two days. Removing that financial burden is helping me focus on my school work.”

Flahaut is part of one of the first Entrepreneurship classes. With a focus on culinary, she plans to open her own space after graduating in December 2021. She plans to continue her studies at ACC afterward to learn about becoming a dietician. 

“Every year since I originally enrolled, ACC was sending me flyers. My brother persuaded me to dive in. ACC has never stopped giving me hope and letting me know that they were there to lean on.”

Check out her message to others above.

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