ACC Frontline Heroes: Facilities Support staff

ACC Facilities support teams built specialized booths and carts to help with social distancing
ACC Facilities support teams built specialized booths and carts to help with social distancing
ACC Facilities support teams cut facial coverings for essential employees
Facial covering "store" for ACC essential employees
Before: Wall behind Northridge Campus Building 2000
After: Wall behind Northridge Campus Building 2000
ACC Facilities support teams are creating sanitation kits in preparation for our return to campus
ACC Facilities support teams are installing social distancing stickers in preparation for our return to campus

While Austin Community College (ACC) students and the majority of faculty and staff have been working remotely since Friday, March 13, the facilities support team has remained on campus assisting with the college's response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

"The ACC Facilities Support teams, led by Sharrion Jenkins, are doing a phenomenal job of getting our campuses ready for the time when faculty, staff, and students return. They have been on campus every day cleaning, renovating, and repairing things that are not easy to do when the campuses are full of people," says Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, executive vice president of Campus Operations & Public Affairs. "I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised at the work that has been done by our amazing staff. They are ACC Heroes."

Everything is being done in-house and all facilities support teams are wearing personal protective equipment while they work.

Shortly after stay-at-home orders and social distancing practices were announced, the campus operations team built carts with six-foot handles to safely distribute items during the college's student technology distribution days.

They built booths from plexiglass and wood as well that allow people to safely have conversations and pass stuff to each other through a door.

The carts and booths are being used for other campus activities and will be implemented during the return to campus.

Facilities support staff also assisted with creating facial coverings for essential employees.

Facilities support staff have been deep cleaning all the campuses both inside and out. Classrooms and offices are being disinfected and sanitized, carpets shampooed, and floors stripped and waxed.

Offices, classrooms, and common areas that were in dire need of renovations, especially at the older campuses — Eastview, Riverside, and Northridge — are being painted and damaged flooring is being replaced. Bathrooms are also being renovated on some of the campuses.

In preparation for a return to campus, facilities support teams are installing hand sanitizer stations throughout campuses and assembling individual sanitation packs to put in classrooms for when there is no time to clean between classes.

They are also exploring equipment needs such as plexiglass shields that could be used during campus check-ins and floor stickers to encourage safe social distancing practices on campus.

In-person classes could begin in the second summer session starting July 6. The college is still working on the fall schedule.