Academic Master Planning in Final Phase

The Austin Community College District 2020-25 Academic Master Plan (AMP) is in the final stretch. The AMP serves as a guide to the college's collective academic vision, administrative supports, and strategic plans for the future.

The AMP is designed to help shape the programs, services, technologies, partnerships, personnel, and facilities that ACC provides.

"These resources must be planned, funded, coordinated, and deployed effectively to ensure they meet documented needs and result in the best possible outcomes in terms of student and community success," says Dr. Charles Cook, ACC provost. "While the College is currently engaged in conversations with Regional Advisory Committees about future community and facility needs, it must also provide an Academic Master Plan containing data about demographic and workforce trends as well as the latest research into effective teaching and learning practices and technologies."

The planning process began in January 2020 and was led by a steering committee composed of a cross section of the college and headed by Dr. Rachel Ruiz and Brandon Whatley. It included regular meetings throughout the year to integrate goals from existing planning processes at the program and departmental levels and incorporate new practices that serve as an extension of the strategic planning and budget processes.

"A lot of good thought and input has gone into the Academic Master Planning process. I couldn't be more proud of the AMP teams and the innovation and collaboration that went into these important planning discussions," says Dr. Richard Rhodes, ACC chancellor. "I encourage everyone to visit the website and take a look at the wonderful ideas being put forward. This is the type of work that will ensure our students reach their academic and career goals over the next five years."

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the process paused in the spring and resumed in fall. In fall, all 10 Areas of Study got involved — forming eight teams, each co-chaired by an Instructional and Student Affairs dean, to develop and present proposals for college initiatives. These proposals are posted to the AMP website. They include, but are not limited to:

  • A Riverbats Health Clinic designed for the community to offer real-world learning opportunities for ACC Health Sciences students,
  • A Student Welcome and/or Resources Center that may serve as a one-stop shop for students in need of information and wraparound services, and
  • Expanding high-demand programs to southeast Travis County, the site of approximately 124 acres owned by ACC for a future campus.

The Steering Committee has since reviewed all Area of Study proposals and, in consideration of collegewide needs, made recommendations to an Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is preparing to make an initial report to the College Board of Trustees on Monday, November 16, in consideration of future funding decisions. Following the Board meeting, the Office of the Provost will prepare the final written document that will be available in early spring 2021. For more information and to view the proposals, visit the AMP informational website at