Construction updates at Highland and Rio Grande: November 2020

Highland Campus Phase 2 Skylight Jewelbox
Highland Campus Phase 2 Presentation Hall
Highland Campus Phase 2 Black Box Theatre Entrance
Highland Campus Phase 2 Piano Classroom
Highland Campus Phase 2 Music Performance Hall
Highland Campus Phase 2 Center for Innovative Manufacturing and Design
Rio Grande Campus Display Cases
Rio Grande Campus Historic Wood Doors
Rio Grande Campus North Courtyard Outdoor Wood Deck Framing

Rio Grande Campus Renovations
By Paul Mason, Rio Grande Renovations Project Manager

Over the last month, we've made a good bit of progress toward completing this project. We are only two months from substantial completion! Inside the building, on Levels 0 and 1, most of the floor finishes have been installed. All doors, door hardware, final wall paint, baseboards, and other cosmetic finishes are fully installed. We have passed the city's above ceiling inspections on both floors and have also performed internal above ceiling inspections with our Buildings and Maintenance shops. The installation of interior wall panel systems and decorative glass curtainwall systems is ongoing on Levels 1 and 2. Rough-in of all A/V systems is complete and installation of A/V equipment is about to get underway on Levels 0 and 1.

On the upper levels, 2 and 3, floor finishes are 75 percent installed and other cosmetic finishes are going in over the next couple of weeks. Glass marker boards and tack boards are going in at all the classrooms and labs. Above ceiling inspections were performed by the city and our Buildings and Maintenance shops before Thanksgiving. In addition, terrazzo stair treads and risers are being installed over the original concrete stairs on all levels. Most of the lighting fixtures are also installed including the custom LED lighting strips on the wall panel systems. Display cases have also been installed on Levels 1, 2, and 3 in common hallways and at public entrances. 80 percent of all communications cabling is installed throughout the building and the subcontractor is working to prepare the IDF closets for receipt of switching equipment from ACC by the first of December.

Outside the building, the landscaping work continues. New pedestrian sidewalks and stairs have been poured. Decorative limestone retaining walls have been installed, most of the larger trees have been planted, and all rough grading has been completed. New wall decking is being installed in the north courtyard. In the north parking lot, the fabric shade structures over the handicap spaces are fully installed. The final asphaltic resurfacing of the parking lot is complete. All trees have been planted, The light poles have been set and irrigation systems are being installed.

Highland Campus 2014 Bond Phase 2
By Pamela Collier, ACC Highland Phase 2 Project Manager

Construction is substantially complete while final testing and commissioning of all systems are still ongoing. Final corrections/touchups and final cleaning are occurring as well. Departmental moves have begun and faculty and staff are starting to set up their spaces prior to the start of the spring semester beginning in January 2021. The building remains closed to the general public as there is still a lot of activity inside getting things finished and set up.