ACC's 2021 Initiatives: Districtwide Campus Master Plan

Austin Community College District (ACC) has continued to have incredible growth in both our campus locations and facilities across the district. The Districtwide Campus Master Plan serves as the roadmap for the growth of our campuses and facilities though the district in both the short- and long-term timeframes. The Facilities and Construction (F&C) department at ACC creates and manages the development of all facilities Campus Master Plans (CMP) and ensures their alignment with the mission and vision of ACC and both the Strategic and Academic Master Plans.

Specifically, the F&C department is charged with the planning of all 14 of the campus sites. The purpose of the DCMP is to help identify where instructional programs and services should be located and identify the potential uses of vacant spaces and sites. In addition, through the prioritization of new construction and major renovation projects, we can ensure that ACC is serving the regions equitably in our offerings.

The DCMP is the opportunity to analyze and address future needs, enrollments, labor market demands, and program types and services offered at our locations. The master planning process also included high-level demographics projections to identify our population growth in the next 10 years across the district. In addition, feedback was solicited and gathered from stakeholders, user groups, the Regional Advisory Committees, and the DCMP Steering Committee to confirm the existing programs and enrollments at each location as well as the direction of program growth and expansion within the regions and at each campus site.


  • Faculty, staff, students
  • Departments

The DCMP provides a framework for the development of high-demand programs for each region in the District through 2030 and beyond with a focus towards fostering student success and support, and providing an equitable landscape in each region with both program offerings and services.

The final draft of the DCMP was presented to the ACCD Board of Trustees at its November 16 work session along with the update to the Academic Master Plan. Once it is approved, the DCMP will be posted on the F&C department website for viewing.

The DCMP is the culmination of efforts put forth by the DCMP Steering Committee, the Facilities and Construction Department, ACC faculty and staff, the college's Regional Advisory Committees, and Pfluger Architects.

The most recent DCMP is an update to the 2011 Campus Master Plan. It will include revised master plans for each campus, assessments of new codes and zoning that impact campus growth, demographic and workforce trends reports, and a summary of the information gathered from stakeholders and user groups during the process. In addition, each campus will reflect both a long-term and a short-term option, building development implementation phasing plans, and costs estimates for the short-term building development scenarios. The DCMP will serve as a tool when ACC chooses to proceed towards future bond initiatives.