ACC Spring 2021 Retirees

Austin Community College District (ACC) would like to recognize the following employees who retired this semester and thank them for their service to the college. ACC faculty and staff are encouraged to share their memories in the message wall below.

This list will be updated throughout the semester.

Linda Haywood, Cypress Creek Campus Manager, 22 years of service

William Perry, Adult Education Instructor, 7 years of service

Josephine Ramirez, Liberal Arts, Humanities & Communications Administrative Assistant III, 31 years of service
Kerry Goertz, Building & Grounds Maintenance Carpenter, 27 years of service
Patricia Recek, Health Sciences Dean, 24 years of service
Gillian Waterston, Mathematics Program Specialist, 20 years of service
Dennis Seidenberger, Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Senior Lab Assistant, 13 years of service
Esther Huisman, South Austin Campus Evenings Operations Coordinator, 7 years of service

Amardeep Kahlon, Computer Information Technology Professor, 25 years of service
Rolando Guerra, Building & Grounds Maintenance Painter, 18 years of service

Joe Lostracco, Teaching & Learning Excellence Public Instruction Specialist, Retirement #2
Connie Park, Student Affairs Professor, 41 years of service
Patrick Judd, History Adjunct Faculty, 36 years of service
Tommy Gingras, Welding Professor, 29 years of service
Kathleen Baumbach, Surgical Technology Professor, 28 years of service
Robert Blodgett, Geology Professor, 25 years of service
Robert Comer, Computer Information Technology Professor, 24 years of service
Deloris Collins, Adult Education Administrative Assistant III, 22 years of service
Donald Dingley, Medical Lab Technology Adjunct Faculty, 21 years of service
Elizabeth Baldwin, Student Affairs Instructional Associate, 20 years of service
Christina Cavalli, Physics Professor, 20 years of service
David Claxton, Emergency Medical Service Professions Adjunct Faculty, 13 years of service
Polly Monear, Arts & Digital Media Senior Administrative Assistant, 10 years of service



Linda Haywood is retiring, she will be missed. Linda ALWAYS went above and beyond for her faculty, students and staff. If it was in her power to do what you requested, she would do it. If she was unable to complete your request, she would find someone that would. Excellent servant leadership, excellent communication skills, all around supportive of our department's initiatives and took extra special care of all our faculty. Linda Haywood will be missed.

Linda was a great colleague and is a good friend. You could not find an employee more dedicated to ACC students and the staff at Cypress Creek Campus. She will be missed, but I'm so happy for her new found freedom! All the best my friend!

Oh goodness Linda - I remember when you started at ACC! Thanks for 22 years of amazing work.

When I first hired at ACC I taught at the CYP campus and if Linda saw me walk by she would catch up with me and ask if I was learning my way around and had all I needed. I only stayed at that campus for one year but interactions with Linda and many others helped me know I made the right decision to come to ACC. I agree with everyone else - Linda will be missed. Happy retirement.

Linda has so many friends around the College because she is generous and warm-hearted and always willing to help - students, staff, faculty, colleagues, and neighbors of Cypress Creek. As others have said, she will be missed - but cheers to this new stage! Enjoy.

Linda created an amazingly warm, welcoming environment at the Cypress Creek campus. She will be sorely missed!

Linda has been a supporter of our work in the SDEV department for her 22 years of service to the college. Whenever I called with a problem or request, she was unfailingly positive and enthusiastic in her response. I always enjoyed talking to her when I had sections to teach at CYP and I will miss her bright smile and optimistic energy! It is time to enjoy life even more now, Linda, so go for it! Tobin

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