Trustees authorize Chancellor to execute agreement to lease of Pinnacle property for staging and office site for Oak Hill Parkway Project

The Austin Community College District (ACC) Board of Trustees passed a motion to grant the chancellor the authority to execute an agreement for the use of the Pinnacle Campus property as a staging and office site only for the Oakhill Parkway project. The new TxDOT improvement project is happening near the campus along the ‘Y’ in Oak Hill. The permitted use WOULD NOT include a cement batch plant on the property.  

According to the motion: 

The Board of Trustees authorizes the Chancellor to execute an agreement with Colorado River constructors JV (CRC) for the use of vacant building and parking lots at ACC Pinnacle Campus. The permitted use must include dates and times with a community engagement plan. The agreement also will not allow for storage of hazardous materials and limits CRC operations on the property between the hours of 1 and 4 a.m.  

The college will now finalize a contract that will allow CRC to lease portions of the vacant building and the parking lot for temporary office space and equipment storage. It will not impact future plans for campus development on the site.

The Board vote came following an update from Colorado River Constructors (CRC) — project coordinators for the parkway –– during the regular ACC Board meeting on Monday, June 7. 

For more information about the Oak Hill Parkway Project, contact Laurie Simmons at CRC at