ACC Student Government Association meets with U.S. Representative Doggett and Mayor Adler

Austin Community College District (ACC) students hosted U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett and Austin Mayor Steve Adler in a special Zoom discussion, Monday, January 31. 

The event, hosted by ACC’s Student Government Association (SGA) provided an opportunity for both elected officials to answer questions and address current issues facing the college community.

"Austin Community College is really a vital part of our community and as student leaders, I know you play an important role in being sure that every Riverbat concerned is raised to the administration,” says Doggett. 

The discussion emphasized the importance of student involvement in political matters and on creating local change. Doggett and Adler also discussed their backgrounds and what brought them to a career in politics. Highlights of the conversation are below.

Congressman Doggett:

  • Spoke about his priorities with higher education in Congress such as FAFSA, the American Tax Credit, federal Pell grants, coronavirus relief bills and getting $58 million to ACC, with $29 million being for student financial assistance.
  • Discussed his efforts on the proposed Build Back Better bill.
  • Addressed his work on expanding healthcare in Central Texas.

Mayor Adler:

  • Discussed his administration's work on the increasing costs of housing.
  • Spoke about improving the city's transportation.
  • Addressed his partnership with Congressman Doggett's office.
  • Highlighted the Tesla START Manufacturing Program with ACC.

The elected officials also answered questions from SGA members about issues such as gentrification of East Austin and community displacement, voter suppression in Texas, and how to ensure information that they're receiving is accurate when making decisions. 

View the full discussion here. (Passcode: 6p@mZ5aQ)

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