New Academic Alerts help connect students with support resources

Austin Community College District (ACC) has launched a new system to help quickly connect students with support resources.

Academic Alerts allow ACC faculty to easily and quickly communicate with students and their Academic Guidance Specialists (Advisor) to help resolve issues and/or access resources to help students stay on track. An instructor may also use this feature to raise a Commendation to let students know when they're performing well in class and recommend new academic advancement opportunities such as joining Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society or other leadership roles.

If an Academic Alert has been raised, a student and their assigned Academic Guidance Specialist will receive an automatic notification. The goal is to quickly identify how ACC can support a student's academic success.

Why are Academic Alerts Important?
In addition to helping students and faculty build rapport, Academic Alerts help:

  • Foster a sense of caring and belonging
  • Create a better sense of accountability
  • Communicate student value
  • Increase and enhance student performance
  • Increase the student success rate at ACC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1) How do I know if I have an Academic Alert?
If an Academic Alert has been raised, you and your assigned Academic Guidance Specialist will receive an automatic notification via your ACC email.

2) Once I get an alert - what happens?
Once an Academic Alert has been raised, please follow the recommendation of your instructor. Your assigned Academic Guidance Specialist may reach out to offer any assistance you may need. If the Academic Alert is a commendation, then no further action is required.

3) Will Academic Alerts go on my record?
No. Academic Alerts are only visible to you, your professor, and your Academic Guidance Specialist.

4) What types of Academic Alerts are there and what do they mean?
A High Alert is raised if the student is in immediate danger of failure or other serious consequences. Medium Alerts indicate a concern that might result in serious consequences if left unresolved. Commendations recognize exceptional performance.

5) Who do I reach out to if I have questions about an Academic Alert?
Contact your professor who raised the alert or schedule a meeting with your assigned Academic Guidance Specialist to discuss solutions and next steps.