Activate your ACCeID: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1:

Obtain your ACCeID here - Your ACCeID is the first letter of your official first name and your 7-digit ACC ID number.

From the "ACCeID Manager" click on "First Time Login" - Very Important.

Step 2:

Click on Find button and get your ACCeID.

Step 3:

Click "Continue."

If you receive the following error message: "Authentication failed. The SSN or birth date entered does not match the value on file with the user record. Please try again.
Make sure you have entered the information correctly. If the problem persists contact the ACC Student Help Center.

Step 4:

Click the checkbox indicating you have read and understand the terms of the privacy policy.

Step 5:

Then click on Continue

Step 6:

Choose a new password that fits the requirements outlined. Enter your new password in the boxes provided.

Step 7:

Click Continue.

Step 8:

Step 9:

Enter your ACCeID and the password specified in Step 7. NOTE: At this point, the "Forgot Your Password?" button will not work. You must complete the account activation process before you can use this function.

Step 10:

Click Login

Step 11:

Provide answers to all four questions.

Step 12:

Provide one authentication question and answer.

Step 13:

Click "Save" to complete the activation process or "Cancel" to abort and return to the main screen.

Congratulations. Your ACCeID and password may now be used to login to any ACC application where you see the ACCeID logo.