Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty rights

  • Classroom Behavior- All college students, whether or not disabled, must adhere to the Student Standards of Conduct. Infractions of these standards should be directed to the Vice Chancellor of Student Development Services. The Vice Chancellor will consult with the Student Accessibility Services coordinator regarding students with disabilities who violate the Code.
  • Written Agreements - Faculty members may request a written agreement before allowing any student to tape or otherwise record a class. SAS will provide the student with this document.
    • Reminder: You never know who may be recording you.
  • Challenge Accommodations - A faculty member has the right to challenge an accommodation request if he/she believes the student is not qualified and/or if the accommodation would result in a fundamental alteration of the class.
  • Faculty members must consult with Student Accessibility Service, not the student, if there are questions or concerns about approved accommodations.

Faculty responsibilities

  • Notice of Approved Accommodations Faculty should not provide academic adjustments for a disability without a notice from Student Accessibility Services certifying that the student is qualified to receive services and identifying the nature of the accommodations.
  • To consult with SAS regarding academic accommodations and compliance with legal responsibilities.
  • Faculty should not refuse to provide required accommodations, ask the student to disclose his or her disability, discuss in front of the class that the student is registered with SAS, or request to examine the student's documentation.