Master Syllabus Checklist & Template

A task force consisting of dozens of faculty, students services, and others updated the  master syllabus template below to reflect recent changes to college operations and better communicate the many support services offered by ACC.  The draft was put out for comment, and input gathered from across the college.  The final version was then discussed at several meetings of the Curriculum & Programs Committee, a shared governance group, and formally approved in April, 2019.  The following template is primarily intended for credit courses with sections taught at a college campus.  Continuing education, dual credit, and other sections taught in differing circumstances may need to make some minor adjustments, as appropriate.  The complete template is available below.

Download Master Syllabus Template (pdf)

Download Master Syllabus Template (Word)

If desired, the college policies section can be distributed as a separate handout from the rest of the course syllabus, which is provided below.

Download College Policies Handout (pdf)

Download College Policies Handout (Word)

Please use the following checklist of these syllabus components to ensure that all are included in your course syllabus.  Faculty may wish to include  this checklist in their faculty evaluation portfolio when submitting materials to their department chair.

Download Master Syllabus Checklist (pdf)

Download Master Syllabus Checklist (Word)